193rd Special Operations Wing Annual Histories

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193rd Medical Group  
201st RED HORSE Squadron Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa. The mission of the 201 RED HORSE Squadron is to directly support combat air power and provide Commander in Chiefs (CINCs), Federal and State authorities a flexible, well-rounded, heavy construction and repair capability anytime, anywhere.
271st Combat Communications Squadron Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa. The 271st Combat Communications Squadron is to deploy, operate, and maintain tactical communications packages in support of Air Force missions worldwide or civil and disaster-relief missions within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The 271 CBCS can provide command and control satellite nets, intra-site telephone services, data services, tactical switchboard, communications center operations, network, and multi-site voice communications.
211st Engineering and Installation Squadron (EIS), Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa. The mission of the 211 EIS is to engineer, install, and relocate fixed command, control, communications, and computer (C4) systems in facilities. The members of the 211 EIS are "Above All Others" in providing C41 communications capabilities to our nation, state, and community.
112th Air Operations Squadron (AOS), State College, Pa. The mission of the 112 AOS is to be an integral component for an Air Operations Center, which acts as the Joint Force Air Component Commander's (JFACC's) headquarters for running an air war. In short, the AOC's complex job is to produce logical plans for each day of a conflict, execute them, and then evaluate their effects for input into the next day's plan.
Detachment 1, 193rd Special Operations Wing  
148th ASOS Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa. The 148th Air Support Operations Squadron provides combat-ready Tactical Air Control Parties for combat maneuver units of the 28th Infantry Division including the 56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team. Their primary job is to provide mission planning of direct combat air support and operate and supervise communications nets to support Air Force air resources and Army ground maneuver units.
553rd AF Band ANG Band of the Mid-Atlantic Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa. The Air National Guard Band of the Mid-Atlantic is assigned to the dual missions of supporting regional Air National Guard units through performances in ceremonies, activities and recruiting tours; and public relations concert tours for the Air National Guard and the "Total Air Force".
203rd Weather Flight Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa. The 203rd Weather Flight is a small, elite unit that analyzes and predicts atmospheric conditions for pilots, war planners, and decision makers. They go anywhere, at anytime, and forecast for any type of flying mission or troop activity.
Regional Equipment Operators Training Site (REOTS), Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa. The REOTS mission is to provide additional readiness training for upgrading proficiency levels of civil engineer heavy equipment operators, throughout the Department of Defense.
Lightning Force Academy Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa. The Lightning Force Academy is committed to developing the level of knowledge and skill needed to train personnel to support the Engineering Installation (EI) mission (both active-duty and ANG). Students become familiar with the practices to accomplish the EI wartime mission: Project engineering, management, and total project oversight. Workload includes: combat restoration, repair, installation, removal or relocation of communications-electronics equipment.

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