213th Area Support Group Annual Histories

Headquarters and Headquarters Company  
109th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment  
1902nd Contingency Contracting Team  
1955th Contingency Contracting Team  
1928th Senior Contingency Contracting Team  
213th Personnel Company (Human Resources)  
28th Financial Management Company  
528th Finance Detachment  
628th Finance Detachment  
828th Finance Detachment  
928th Finance Detachment  
154th Quartermaster Battalion  
Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment  
131st Transportation Company  
Detachment 1, 131st Transportation Company  
1067th Transportation Company  
Detachment 1, 1067th Transportation Company  
128th Chemical Company  
HSC 103rd Engineers Battalion  
FSC 103rd Engineers Battalion  
228th Engineers Company  
252nd Engineers Company  
HHC 728th Combat Sustain Support Battalion  
3622nd Maintenance Company  
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