Pennsylvania National Guard HEMTT

HEMTT (Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck)
  • Oshkosh Truck Corporation M977
  • Oshkosh Truck Corporation M978
  • Oshkosh Truck Corporation M983
  • Oshkosh Truck Corporation M984
  • Oshkosh Truck Corporation M985


Provide transport capabilities for re-supply of combat vehicles and weapons systems.

Entered Army Service


Description and Specifications

There are five basic configurations of the HEMTT series trucks: M977 cargo truck with Materiel Handling Crane, M978 2500 gallon fuel tanker, M985 cargo truck with Materiel Handling Crane, M983 tractor and the M984 wrecker. A self-recovery winch is also available on certain models. This vehicle family is rapidly deployable and is designed to operate in any climatic condition where military operations are expected to occur. The HEMTT is the backbone of U.S. Army logistics. Standard features include front and rear tow eyes, blackout lights, 24-volt electrical system, and rear pintle hook for towing trailers and artillery. All models are C130, C141 and C17 air transportable and are capable of fording water crossings up to 48 inches deep.

The HEMTT Load Handling System (LHS) consists of a standard HEMTT (M977/M978 or M985 chassis) prime mover (8 x 8 foot configuration) equipped with an integral load-handing system providing self-load/unload capability and capable of transporting an 11-ton payload. LHS carries equipment/ammunition/supply loads on demountable “flatrack” cargo beds and is able to tow an 11-ton payload trailer also capable of carrying flatracks. The containerized roll-in/out platform (CROP), an A-frame type flatrack that fits inside a 20-foot International Standards Organization container, gives the HEMTT LHS added cargo carrying capability. Flatracks and CROPs are interchangeable between HEMTT LHS and the Palletized Load System.

The FMTV A1 series includes a 1999 Environmental Protection Agency-certified engine, upgraded transmission, electronic data bus, an anti-lock brake system and interactive electronic technical manuals.

  M977 M978 M985 M983 M984
Length: 401 in 401 in 401 in 351 in 392 in
Wheelbase: 210 in 210 in 210 in 181 in 191 in
Turning Circle: 100 in 100 in 100 in 91 in 95 in
Weight: 37,900 lbs 37,300 lbs 38,700 lbs 32,200 lbs -------
Weight w/ Winch: 38,800 lbs 38,200 lbs 39,600 lbs ------- -------
Weight w/ Crane: ------- ------- ------- 39,200 lbs 50,900 lbs
Width: 96 in
Height: Operational 112 in;  Transport 102 in
Ground Clearance: Ground 24 in
Max. Speed: Max. Speed
Cruising Range: 300 mi
Maximum Grade: 60% with payload of 22,000 lbs
Engine: 445 or 450 horsepower diesel engine
Transmission: 4-speed automatic and 2-speed Oshkosh transfer case with air-operated front tandem axle disconnect
Crew: 2


Oshkosh Truck (Oshkosh, WI)

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