193rd Special Operations Wing Heraldry

193rd Special Operations Wing Headquarters  
193rd Operations Group  
193rd Special Operations Squadron  
193rd Operations Support Flight  
193rd Maintenance Group  
193rd Maintenance Squadron  
193rd Maintenance Operations Flight  
193rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron  
193rd Mission Support Group  
193rd Communications Flight  
193rd Civil Engineer Squadron  
193rd Security Forces Squadron  
193rd Logistics Readiness Squadron  
193rd Regional Support Group  
193rd Services Flight  
193rd Mission Support Flight  
193rd Medical Group  
201st RED HORSE Squadron  
271st Combat Communications Squadron  
211st Engineering and Installation Squadron  
112th Air Operations Squadron  
Detachment 1, 193rd Special Operations Wing  
148th ASOS  
553rd AF Band ANG Band of the Mid-Atlantic  
203rd Weather Flight  
Regional Equipment Operators Training Site  
Lightning Force Academy  

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