Corry Armory

Photo by Seth Gaines

Name of Armory (location): Corry Armory
Names of Armory:
Corry Armory
Year Built: 1906
Architect/Builder: Mount,A.P.,& Son, Thomas,G.,& Sons
Construction Costs: $19,559
County of Construction: Erie
Mailing Address:

205 E. Washington Street
Corry, PA

GPS Coordinates:  
Square Footage of Armory:  
Size of Land and Rack:  
Current Units in Armory:


Past Units in Armory: Company B, 1-112th INF

The armory is constructed in the Romanesque architectural style and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

According to the annual report of the Adjuct General, the committe represeting the Second Brigade reported on April 4th, 1906 in favor of an armory to be errected at Corry for the use of Comapany A, 16th Regiment Infantry. Colonell William J. Hullings was authorized to select a suitable lot.

It was replaced by the Cambridge Springs Armory in 2008.


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