PA Monuments - Adams County

  • Battery K Monument

A memorial to Battery K, first Ohio Light Artillary is located on the campus of Gettysburg College. This unit saw heavy action in many battles during the Civil War, including Gettysburg. Brought in to replace the 11th Corps, this unit continued to drive back the Confederate forces until being withdrawn after suffering heavy losses.

The monument has the names of the two commanding officers of the unit and the dates which they held command engraved on either side of the base. The stone structure is topped with a sculpture of an empty saddle, placed as if it were resting across the tablet. A Civil War-era cannon like the ones used by artillery units of the time stands to the right of the monument.

The monument stands on the Gettysburg College campus at the corner of Carlisle and Lincoln streets.

  • Company K Monument

The Company K monument is loaced in Lincoln Square in the center of Gettysburg. This unit was central to winning the battle of Gettysburg and participated in several major campaigns during the Civil War.

The sides of the monument contains the names of each member of the company and notes those that were either killed or wounded in action. Company K lost suffered 17 dead and 23 wounded during its existence. They were mustered out at the end of the war. Lincoln Square is in the center of town at the intersection of US Route 15 and US Route 30. The monument is on the right side as you travel south on Route 15.

  • GAR Civil War Monument

Located outside the Grand Army of the Republic Post 9 is a monument to those whose lives were lost during the Civil War. A granite monument with the names of the dead engraved on both sides is surrounded by sculptures of lions on pedestals on each side. A bronze plaque in the center of the monument gives the dates of construction and its dedicaton. The monument is flanked on each side by a Civil War-era cannon.

The monument is located at 53 East Middle St in downtown Gettysburg, only one block from Lincoln Square.

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