PA Monuments - Bucks County

  • Bristol Township Vietnam Veterans Memorial

This memorial is located in the Bristol Township Memorial Park. It honors the 19 Bristol Township residents who died during the war. It features a scuplture of a vietnam-era soldier holding a wounded soldier. There are 19 blocks on the walkway leading up to the monument known as "The Walk of Honor" for each of the 19 lost soldiers.

  • Bristol Township War Dog Memorial

Over the course of our nation's military history, tens of thousands of War Dogs served during WWI, WWII, the Korean Conflict, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan and continue to serve our missions around the globe. America's War Dogs have a long and legendary history for bravery and courage on thousands of unnamed foreign fields of battle, saving countless American lives. Some military analysts estimate as many as ten thousand U.S. and allied lives were saved during the Vietnam War alone. The casualty rates in all other wars were significantly reduced by thousands as a result of deploying our four-legged soldiers!

These animals performed specialty duties as Scout, Sentry, Tracker, Mine & Booby Trap, Tunnel, Water Patrol, Coast Guard, Search & Rescue, and Explosive Detection. Our War Dogs were not mascots, they were highly trained and proficient four-legged Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Sailors with names like Prince, Tiger, and Lucky, to name a few. Our War Dogs worked for food, water, and the love and companionship of their handlers. In return, our War Dogs never gave up on the battlefield. They were heroes!

Of the approximately four-thousand War Dogs that served our Armed Forces during the Vietnam War, all were classified as equipment and termed expendable! Roughly two-hundred and fifty were re-assigned to another military installation. The several thousand surviving heroes were either given to the South Vietnamese Army or euthanized, by order of government, in a haste to withdraw from the country.

Bristol Township has its own Pennsylvania State Memorial to honor these four-legged heroes. The Pennsylvania War Dog Memorial was dedicated September 16, 2006. The sculpture was created by artist Joe Pavone. The memorial is located in front of the Bristol Township Municipal Building located at 2501 Bath Road, Bristol, PA 19007.

  • The Levittown Veterans Memorial

The Levittown Veterans Memorial was presented to the citizens of Levitton on May 20, 1960 in memory of those who paid the supreme sacrifice in all wars by John Billington Post 6495.Veterans Of Foreign Wars Levittown Memorial Post 860, The American Legion Robert W. Shemeley Post 192, American Veterans Of World War II Lower Bucks County Detachment, Marine Corps League Levittown, Penna. Post 697 and the Jewish War Veterans.

On July 4, 1988, the Joint Veterans Council of Lower Bucks County presented a Vietnam Veterans Plaque in memory of the brave men form Levittown who died while serving their county in Vietnam inscribed with the names of all the men.

  • Washington's Crossing Historic Park

From this site, General George Washington and men of the Continental Army and militia crossed the Delaware River on Christmas night 1776 and marched to Trenton, New Jersey. There they attacked and defeated Hessian troops quartered in and around the village. This surprise attack and victory set the stage for Washington's subsequent victories at the Second Battle of Trenton and Princeton. The Crossing and the Trenton/Princeton campaign have become known as the Ten Crucial Days — a campaign that saved Washington's army from defeat, allowing them to fight another day and achieve ultimate victory.

To learn more about this historic place, visit their web site at Washington's Crossing Historic Park


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