PA Monuments - Clinton County

  • 40 & 8 Memorial

The 40 & 8 Memorial in Lock Haven stands in honor of Voiture 903 and its auxiliary. It is a brick monument decorated with flags. In front of the brick structure sits a granite pedestal with an inscription dedicating the monument.

  • Beech Creek American Legion Memorial

This ornate memorial stands outside the American Legion Post 623 in Beech Creek. It is a rock garden adorned with flags and flowers. A Korean war vintage tank is on display just behind the garden.

  • Clinton County Civil War Monument

This monument stands in the middle of the intersection of Church and Main streets and is one of the largest monuments in Lock Haven. The memorial stands in remembrance to all the Clinton County soldiers who gave their lives during the war. 1,938 people enlisted in the Union during this period. It is a towering obelisk topped with figure of a Civil War-era soldier holding a flag and a sword in the old-style position of parade rest. There are four more figures depicting different soldiers circling the base of the monument. There is a time capsule buried at the foot of the monument, scheduled to be opened in 2032.

  • Combat Medic Memorial

This memorial stands just outside the newly-completed Health Professional Building on the campus of Lock Haven University. The sculpture is a battle scene from the Vietnam era. A medical corpsman is treating a wounded soldier, presumably he is preparing the soldier for evacuation. Just behind the sculpture is a flagpole with the Pennsylvania state flag and the POW/MIA flag. The monument was dedicated in 2007.

  • Flemington Borough Veterans Memorial

A modest flower bed with several flag poles and an inscription dedicating the memorial are all that make up the Flemington Borough Veterans Memorial. Located at the edge of the parking lot to the city playground, this monument stands in honor of all the veterans who served from the Flemington area.

  • Logantown Veterans Memorial

The small village of Logantown features a modest group of granite slabs which comprise the Veterans Memorial. They're located near the center of town in a small grove along the roadside next to a bank. Each of the slabs contain a bronze plaque in memory of a particular conflict. There are plaques in honor of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam with the names of all those who served during these conflicts. A flagpole with the American flag is placed in the center of the arrangement.

  • Mill Hall Veterans Memorial

The Mill Hall Veterans Memorial overlooks the community pool. It is located just outside the entrance to the pool in a large parking lot. When the lot is cleared, it is capable of handling the big crowds that gather each year during patriotic events. The Mill Hall WWII Memorial can be seen just across the parking lot from this location.

  • Mill Hall WWII Memorial

This memorial stands in honor of all the residents who served during WWII. It is a simple stone monument with a flagpole.

  • Veterans Memorial Bridge, Lock Haven

Veterans Memorial Bridge spans across the Susquehanna River to Lock Haven. It was named in honor of all veterans from the region who served in the armed forces. American flags are displayed at intervals across its span.

  • Veterans Memorial Park

A small park just across the street from the Clinton County Courthouse is dedicated to all veterans and is home to several veterans monuments.

World War II Monument
This monument is a filled in gazebo with the names of all service members who served during World War II. The monument is privately owned by local veterans groups, but sits on land provided by Clinton County. Each name has an indicator as to the status of the veteran. The monument is maintained by veterans service organizations and is constantly being updated as more veteran information is gathered.

Clinton County World War II Memorial
The Clinton County World War II Memorial stands to recognize all those who were killed during World War II. It is a simple stone with a bronze placque featuring the names of the fallen worriors from the area.

Clinton County Veterans Memorial
This large granite monument recognizes all the veterans who served in all wars, from Vietnam all the way back to the American Revolution. A bronze plaque lists the names of those soldiers from the Revolutionary War that are buried in Clinton County. The monument was dedicated in 1976.

Fort Reed Marker
The oldest monument in the park, this marble block marks the location of the stockade in what was once Fort Reed. The fort was erected in 1775 as protection from Indian raids. The monument was dedicated in 1895.


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