PA Monuments - Crawford County

  • Cambridge Spring War Memorial

The Cambridge Springs War Memorial is a large boulder with a bronze plaque with the names of those Cambridge Springs residents who lost their lives during World War I. It sits alone with a flag in a small area of Marcy Park.

One of the names engraved on this placque is Paul Grimminger, who was the son of artist Charles Griminger, who created this marker. Ironically, the artist died suddenly shortly after the work on this monument was completed. He had an illness during the whole time of its construction, but chose to continue working despite his worsening condition.

  • Cochranton Veterans Memorial

The Veterans monument in the Cochranton cemetery is a small slab dedicated to the service members of Cochranton who lost their lives from World War I to Desert Storm. There are no names listed under the korean Conflict or Desert Storm, since no community members died during those conflicts. There are plans to update it to reflect losses suffered during the Global War on Terror.

The monument was established by American Legion James L. Steen, Jr Post 836 and originally stood outside their Adams street location. It is now located in front of the stage used for the annual Memorial day observance.

The story of this monument, however, doesn't stop there. In the place where this monument stands there was once another monument dedicated to the Civil War which stood about 40 yards from the current monumet's location until sometime during World War II. The original monument was comprised of a 32-pound cannon mounted on a pedestal with several cannonballs stacked next to it. The year 1865 was inscribed on the pedestal holding the cannonballs.

The fate of this earlier monument has never been fully documented, but it believed to have been sold off for scrap metal by the Cochranton Volunteer Fire Department to raise money for the war effort. The rationale at the time was that this monument, honoring the efforts of one generation in their efforts to preseve the nation, was part of another effort made by the next generation to again preserve the nation. In essence, the object sacrificed itself for its country as did those whom it stood to honor.

  • Conneautville Veterans Marker

The Conneautville Veterans Marker is located at Lord Mason Park in Conneautville. It is a small granite marker with the inscription "In Memory of our Departed Comrades who died defending Americas freedom. May they rest in peace."

The marker rests on a rock garden surrounded by trees and shrubs. A Civil War era cannon stands to one side and an American Flag stands in front of the monument.

  • Crawford County Civil War Monument

This Crawford County Civil War Memorial stands in the south end of Diamond Park in Meadville, PA. The monument is a memorial for all the Crawford County men who served in the Civil War. It was erected in 1891. The statue is of Samuel Peiffer, a color bearer who fell at Gettysburg.

  • East Mead Township WWII Memorial

This stone monument stands in honor of all East Mead township residents who participated in World War II.

  • Kingsley Cemetery Veterans Memorial

Among the graves lovcated in the Kingsley Cemetery in Townville, PA is a small rock surrounded by American flags that stands as a humble reminder of the sacrifices Crawford County veterans have made during the course of American history.

The rock is adorned with a small bronze plaque inscribed in honor of veterans of all wars. It says "They offered their lives for the nation, each for his own memory, the noblest of all shrines, not the graves in which their mortal bones are buried, but a home in the hearts of men." This monument stands to honor their memory.

  • Linesville Veterans Memorial

Linesville, located at the western gateway fo U.S. Route 6, the Heritage Highway, in the wester part of Crawford County, is home to this unassuming granite marker. This monument serves to remember all veterans from the Linesville area past, present, and future.

  • Randolph High School WWII Memorial

This memorial honors students from Randolph High School who participated in WWII. This monument was originally a bronze placque that hung inside the high school. The high school was eventually closed down and the property sold to a private school. A new base was constructed to mount the placque outside the Randolph Township Fire Hall at Guys Mills.

  • Titusville Veterans Memorial

The Veteran's Memorial located in the northeast corner of Scheide Park is the result of a lasting partnershp between the City of Titusville and the Veteran's of Foreign Wars Bruce Shorts Post #5958.

Photos from PA Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

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