PA Monuments - Mifflin County

  • Armagh Township Memorial in Milroy

You can find the Armagh Township Veterans Memorial on the grounds of the Woodlawn cemetery in Milroy. This monument is deciated to Armagh Township's fallen soldiers from World War I through Korea. A granite slab holds each of their names and is surrounded by flags and shrubbery in the middle of a wooded area. This memorial was erected by American Legion Post 287 and VFW Post 617. It was originally dedicated in 1957.


  • Brown Township Veterans Memorial

The Brown Township Veterans Memorial stands in the middle of the township cemetery. It is basically a platform with a flagpole surrounded by evergreen trees. There are veteran memorial markers placed just in front of the platform. The structure is dedicated to all Brown Township veterans who died in all wars. The monument is one of the older monuments in the area, being dedicated in 1953.


  • Burnham Borough Veterans Memorial

This unassuming memorial is located in front of Bible Baptist Church of Burnham and contains inscriptions of local servicemembers killed in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

  • Derry Township Veterans Memorial

The Derry Township Veterans Memorial is located in Yeagertown and contains the names of all the resident who have fallen during World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. This monument was refurbished and rededicated in 1985.

  • G.A.R. Civil War Monument

Col Huline's Post 176 of the Grand Army of the Republic's (G.A.R.) Civil War monument is a towering sculpture of a Union soldier leaning slightly on his rifle. The names of the fallen are engraved on the base just beneath the statue. Just beyond the memorial are the remains of a cannon that is propped up on concrete blocks where the wheels would normally support it. The monument stands in the middle of a ring of small stones. These are reputed to be actual soldier's graves from the Civil War.

  • Juniata Memorial Park

The Juniata Memorial Park Veterans Memorial is located among the graves of veterans from the Lewistown area. Originally comprised of two flagpoles with the American Flag and the POW Flag, the monument was enhanced in 2007 by adding the flags of the U.S. Armed Forces. This monument was placed by the owners of the Juniata Memorial Park and is overseen by Juniata County Chapter of the Marine Corps League.

  • Lewistown Monument Square

In the center of Lewistown, located in the town square is where you'll find one of the town's most recognizable monuments, the Lewistown Veterans Memorial. The monument commemorates a force of nearly 3,000 men from the area who joined the Union Forces during the Civil War. The towering obelisk features sculpted figures of Union soldiers and sailors from this time period. It also contains a dedication as well as a short explanation of Lewistown's involvement in the war. The old Mifflin County courthouse can be seen in the background in this picture on the left.

The monument is flanked by cannons on each side. There are a pair of ship's cannons and a pair of artillery cannons, each with a small stack of ammunition that would have been fired from them. This monument also contains an actual stone from Preisdent Abraham Lincoln's tomb, shipped from Springfield, Illinois, where the tomb is located.

The stone was a gift from from Robert B. Hoover, a Mifflin County native who served in the military during the Civil War. Hoover was also a member of the Lincoln Memorial Association. When the Association decided to rebuild the tomb, it was Hoover's involvement in the project that led to the stone arriving in Lewistown.

In fact, it was the catalyst for the erection of a Civil War memorial, although there was much discussion about erecting one before its arrival. Hoover had also wanted to see a memorial erected in his hometown. In a letter to George R. Frysinger, Editor of the Lewistown Gazette, Hoover promised, "...if the people of Mifflin County would take the necessary interest in this monument, I would get them a cornerstone for your monument from the tomb of Abraham Lincoln. I now stand ready to make good on that promise."

The stone arrived in December 1900 and was polished and displayed in the Lewistown square until the memorial was built. It later became the cornerstone to the monument.

Placed in a jar just behind the stone, within the monument's structure, is a thick jar containing a number of historical items, including the names of all the county's Civil War veterans as well as the county's military record in the Civil War and coins representing the five years of the war.

The stone's engraving has recently been enhanced so viewers can recognize its significance from a distance.

  • Mount Rock Veterans Memorial

A towering monument inscribed with the dates of the first and second world wars stands in remembrance of those who perished during those wars. It is shaded by two evergreen trees that tower over it. The monument was erected by Logan Guard Post 90 of the American Legion in 1947. The words "In memory of the sacrifices of our people that the flame of liberty may glow around the world" are inscribed across both sides of the memorial.

Photo by Ken Schucht of Lewistown

  • Reedsville Veterans Memorial

Just outside the ballfield in Reedsville is the Reedsvile Veterans Memorial. This monument honors all local fallen heroes from the Civil War through Vietnam.

  • Victory Memorial Park & Mifflin County Veterans Memorial

Lewistown is home to the Victory Memorial Park, which overlooks the Veterans Memorial bridge and sits beside the Juniata River. The park was dedicated in 1919, and then rededicated after a major renovation in 1996.

The Mifflin County Veterans Memorial looks like a small stage in the park, with columns behind it that evoke images of the Brandenburg Gate in Germany. There are two identical placques dedicating the monument to the veterans of all wars. Just in front of the monument is a walkway made up of inscribed bricks with the names of local veterans.


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