PA Monuments - Montour County

  • American Legion Tank

On the way into Danville by U.S. route 15 north, the first thing you notice on the left side of the road is the American Legion Post 40's tank, sitting on a concrete pad in the front yard of the post building. It is surrounded by artillery from years past and watches over the American Flag mounted on a flagpole just in front of it. This small monument serves as a reminder of the sacrifices people have made in defense of freedom.

  • Memorial Park, Danville

Memorial Park in Danville, was once part of the Grove Presbyterian Church. The churchyard was part of a three acre tract of land that was donated for use as a church, a school and a cemetery. The spot where Memorial Park is located was originally the cemetery and remained that way for 130 years. Once the area was no longer used for a burial ground, a group of citizens decided to convert the old cemetery into a park. This undertaking involved the relocation of over 400 bodies. Not all of the bodies were recovered, since some of the grave markers had been damaged by the effects of time. The park was officially dedicated on May 30, 1908.

In addition to multiple monuments for each of the conflicts the United States has participated in, there are also several examples of military artillery on display from several eras.

Civil War Monument
The tallest monument in the park stands to recognize the efforts of the soldiers of Mountour County who fought and died in the Civil War. This monument was dedicated at the same time as the park and is the centerpiece of Memorial Park.

The obelisk features figures of civil war-era soldiers and sailors mounted on each of the four sides. The dates of the conflict are inscribed on bronze plaques as are the text of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address and the dedication to the soldiers and sailors of Montour County.

USS Maine Memorial
This memorial recognizes the ship whose sinking in Havana Harbor in 1898 started the Spanish-American War. The memorial is a modest slab of stone with an embossed plaque mounted on it that was fashioned from metal recovered from the ship's wreckage.

Spanish-American War Monument
A companion piece to the USS Maine, the Spanish-American memorial is a bronze sculpture of a soldier from the time period. The soldier holds a rifle and is wearing hot weather gear typically issued to soldiers of this time. The base of the statue contains the dates and the campaigns of the conflict. It was dedicated on July 4, 1925.

World War I Memorial
The World War I memorial is a rough-hewn stone block with the names of those who served from Montour County inscribed on three of the four sides of the monument. The front side dedicates the memorial to what was then called "the war for democracy" and lists the dates of the war.

World War II Memorial
The World War II Memorial is unlike any of the other monuments in the park. Instead of being a stone tablet or sculpture, this monument has both form and function. It is a gazebo structure which can actually be used for events in the park. The structure is an open cyllinder with a simple white marble dedication plaque mounted on one of the columns which commemorates all those Montour County citizens who died during the war. The names of the dead span across several plaques mounted on each of the structure's columns.

Korea/Vietnam Memorial
This dual-purpose memorial commemorates the service of Montour County residents in both the Korean War and the Vietnam War. The monument is a concrete slab divided symmetrically into two sections. The left side represents the Korean War, the right side represents Vietnam. The names of all who served in these conflicts from the region are listed on bronze plaques mounted on each side of the front of the memorial.


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