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Photo provided by Tatamy resident Stu Albert.

In an impressive memorial area in front of Tatamy Municipal/Post Office Building, 423 Broad Street.

The inscription on the front plaque reads:

1917 1918
(followed by list of 23 names, two marked with stars)

A plaque on the Doughboy’s right side of the base reads:


A plaque on the other side of the base is not visible in the photographs furnished.

A plaque on a low wall to the Doughboy’s right identifies the area as the Tatamy Veterans Memorial dedicated by the citizens of Tatamy to honor all veterans, men and women, who have served their country with honor during wartime and peace time, while a plaque on a low wall to the Doughboy’s left contains a special tribute to those who made the supreme sacrifice while in the service of their country and lists four names – one each for World War II, Korea and Vietnam, and one for which a war isn’t identified.

The Doughboy was dedicated November 11, 1923 at the intersection of Bushkill and Main Streets. It was unveiled by two small girls, Mabel Bartholomew and Lena Clewell, along with Joseph Butz, who led the movement to acquire it. The covering was received and folded by Floyd Butz, who had served in the war.

Due to the number of auto accidents involving or related to the Doughboy, it was moved in February 1941 to a concrete foundation on the east side of the public school building, which is now the Municipal building. A substantial renovation project was undertaken in 1979 and the Doughboy was rededicated Memorial day, 1980. It was rededicated again on Memorial Day, 1993 after in had been moved to the front of the building when the new memorial area was built.

The Doughboy appears to be in reasonably satisfactory condition, although the rifle sling is missing.

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