PA Monuments - Northumberland County

  • Cameron Park, Sunbury

Cameron Park, located in the Sunbury town square is home to several memorials. The park has been in existence for several generations and some of the monuments have been upgraded to reflect changes in history. Some of the monuments and old guns are now surrounded by metal fencing to protect them from being manhandled and abused.

Veterans' Memorial
Originally this monument was the World War I monument, but has been updated to reflect U.S. involvement in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, and the first Gulf War. The original World War I monument, erected in 1921 by the Sunbury Civic Club, still stands in the center of it all, only now it is flanked on each side by additional granite slabs with the names and dates of the other conflicts. Only the names of those who died in WWI are listed on the placque of the original monument. Just behind the memorial is a WWI-era howitzer, the barrel of which overlooks the monument.

Civil War Monument
The Civil War Monument is the centerpiece of Cameron Park. This obelisk rises above the trees to commemorate the soldiers and sailors who served during this time. At the very top of the structure is a sculpture of Colonel James Cameron, a native of Sunbury who fell during the battle of Bull Run in 1861. The memorial is surrounded by artillery and ship's cannons. There is a dedication to Col Cameron inscribed on the base. Construction on this monument began in May of 1874 and was completed on July 4, 1879.

Close up of the statue of Col Cameron that sits on top of the Civil War Monument.

  • Knoebels Grove

Knoebels is the largest free admission amusement park in America. At the park is a bronze statue World War II memorial commemoration the marines landing on Iwo Jima.

  • Fort Augusta

Fort Augusta, a fort built in 1779 to wage war against the Six Nation Iroquois stood in the northern part of what is now Sunbury. There are only a few remains of the fort itself. A museum now stands on the grounds where the fort stood. The fort was selected as a rendezvous point for the Sullivan Expedition. There are two stone markers that point out the fort's actual location.

  • Riverside World War I Memorial

The World War I Memorial in Riverside, just over the river from Danville, has seen as much mobilization as the soldiers it stands to honor. When it was first erected, it stood behind the old St. Peter's Church. The church, however, was later rebuilt on another site and the old church was demolished. The memorial stood all by itself for a number of years. Later, the monument was moved to its present location by the old Riverside school, now being used as a municipal building. The monument overlooks a small playground as if to say that the soldiers it honors fought to preserve our future.

  • Sunbury City Cemetery

On a small corner of the city's oldest cemetery sits a modest memorial to the veterans of all wars. It is a granite slab with the seals of each military branch of service engraved in the polished front. It also contains the words "For those who served."

  • Sunbury VFW Veterans Memorial

In the front lawn of VFW Post 1532 in Sunbury is a large stone monument surrounded by flags and flanked on each side by mortars. This monument honors the service and sacrifice of all veterans.

  • Veterans Memorial Bridge

The bridge that links Sunbury in Northumberland County with Shamokin Dam in Union County is dedicated to all veterans and holds a modest dedication sign on each side of the entry points. American Flags line both sides of the bridge at regular intervals.


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