PA Monuments - Union County

  • 2nd Lt George H. Ramer Medal of Honor Display

Union county's last Medal of Honor recipient, Second Lieutenant George H. Ramer, USMC is honored in a wall display in the Union County Courthouse lobby. It contains an actual medal, the citation, a photo, and a brief biography of 2nd Lt Ramer.

2nd Lt Ramer distinguished himself during the Korean War by leading his men up steep slopes to capture an enemy stronghold. The majority of his unit were eliminated during the course of the attack. He personally annihilated one enemy bunker using only grenade and rifle fire and captured the objective with his remaining 8 men. They were unable to hold the position against an immediate, overwhelming hostile counterattack so he ordered his group to withdraw and single-handedly fought the enemy to allow for the evacuation of three fatally wounded Marines and to provide cover for the remaining men. He refused aid when his men returned to help him and, after ordering them to seek shelter, he manned his post until the hostile troops overran his position.

  • Lewisburg Soldiers' Cemetery

A soldiers' cemetery from the Civil War still exists as part of the larger Lewisburg cemetery. Each grave contains a flag with a marker; Union soldiers have the American flag, confederate soldiers have the confederate union jack.

  • Lewisburg World War I Memorial

A modest stone memorial recalls the sacrifices of those who died during World War I. No larger than a headstone, the only identifying mark on this monument is the bronze dedication plaque with the inclusive dates of the war.

  • Lewisburg World War II Monument

The Lewisburg World War II Monument sits next to a parking lot by the Lewisburg High School athletic field. It is a small granite slab with a bronze dedication plaque featuring the seals of the U.S. armed forces. The monument dedicates the area as "Veterans Memorial Field" but in fact, the land was originally intended for another project that was abandoned. The land ultimately was deeded to the Lewisburg High School and then dedicated to World War II veterans.

  • Mifflinburg High School World War I Memorial

This memorial was built by the high school to honor those alumni who were killed during the war. The monument is a realistic-looking sculpture of a tree stump with the names of the fallen soldiers and which graduating class they were from engraved on a portion of the sculpture. It was erected in 1919 and now stands in the front lawn of the current high school building.

  • Purple Heart Memorial

This monument is in remembrance to all those who were wounded in combat. It is one of the few memorials that features a color rendering of the Purple Heart medal. To the right of the medal is a poem that conveys the meaning of the award. The line "If I could be seen by all mankind, maybe peace would come in my lifetime" illustrates the soldier's wish for peace in a world of conflict. It was placed in Lewisburg by the Lt George H. Ramer CMH Chapter #656 of the Military Order of the Purple Heart.

  • Union County Civil War Monument

This towering monument features a Civil War-era soldier holding a flag at the top, with one soldier on each side of the base. The monument stands in the center of an intersection preceded by a cannon facing outward. The monument was re-dedicated to all Union County veterans in 1995.

  • Union County Veterans Memorial

Union County's Veterans Memorial is located in Mifflinsburg. It is a large, sprawling collection of granite slabs featuring the names of those who served during World War II, memorial markers for the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and a marker commemorating the original location of the Union County Draft Board. The memorial also features a walk of honor, with the names of local veterans inscribed in the bricks that make up the walkway. Flagpoles display the flags from each branch of military service as well as the state flag and the POW/MIA flag.

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