PA Monuments - Wyoming County

  • Factoryville Civil War Cannon (GAR)

A cannon placed at the entrance to the Factoryville Cemetery stands like a sentry standing guard over the graves there. The cannon was made in 1897. Its original base has been replaced with more durable concrete. It was placed in the cemetery by the Grand Army of the Republic #211 in 1976.

  • Jenningsville Veterans Memorial

The Jenningsville Veterans Memorial is mounted on the outside of the Windham Township building. It is a plaque commemorating local residents who served in the armed forces during World War II and the Korean War. The plaque was built by local resident Glen Steele and presented to the township as a gift. There are plans to add another plaque commemorating local residents' service during the Vietnam War.

  • Laceyville Veterans Memorial

The veterans memorial in Laceyville is a dark gray marble slab with a granite base dedicated to all who served in the armed forces from the Laceyville area. The marble is engraved with a flag design and the dedication inscription contains the phrase "All gave some, Some gave all." This monument was just recently dedicated in 2006.

  • Monroe Township WWII Memorial

As you travel south toward the small town of Beaumont, along Pennsylvania highway 309 is a small stone memorial dedicated to all Monroe Township residents who served in the armed forces during World War II. In the center of the monument, there is a steel dedication plate containing the names of every resident who served during the war. Names denoted with a star indicates that person was killed in action. Just in front of the monument is a garden adorned with flags. The monument is placed almost symmetrically between two large trees.

  • Nicholson Veterans Memorial

The Nicholson Veterans Memorial is located near the WWII Memorial. This marble marker recognizes the service of all veterans who fought for their country. The monument was donated by Ray Cox, Jr. and erected in 1993.

  • Nicholson WWII Memorial

The small village of Nicholson is home to a modest granite slab commemorating the service of the men and women of Nicholson who served during World War II. The names of each service member are engraved on the front of the slab. Those with a star next to their name were killed in action.

  • Wyoming County Civil War Memorial

Standing in front of the entrance to the Wyoming County Courthouse is the Civil War Memorial, a towering structure honoring the service and sacrifice of Wyoming County residents. It features a sculpture of both an infantryman and a sailor from the period. There are bronze relief scenes of major battles of the war. The structure is topped with another figure of a flag bearer at the old-style position of parade rest. This earlier version of the position was made by setting the left foot slightly further forward than the right.

  • Wyoming County Courthouse Memorial Plaques

Located in the lobby of the Wyoming County Courthouse are three stone plaques placed by the Tunkhannock Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution honoring veterans of the Revolutionary War who are buried in the county. Two plaques were installed in 1902 and a third was installed in 1923.

  • Wyoming County Veterans Memorial

The Wyoming County Veterans Memorial is a small granite slab engraved with the seals of all five military services. It was placed by American Legion Post 457 and honors all Wyoming county veterans. It was dedicated November 11, 2004.

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