PA Monuments - York County

  • Korean War Veterans Memorial

The York Korean War Memorial is located in downtown York, in a shaded spot next to the York rail trail as it runs parallel to the Cadorus Creek. The memorial is made up of several components, the largest of them being a black marble sculpture of a Korean War-era soldier kneeling over a wartime grave of empty boots and a rifle placed barrel-first into the ground with a helmet placed on top. The figure is mourning the death of a comrade.

The large marble base contains etchings of various scenes from the war and the official seals of each branch of the military. There are engravings in both english and korean, illustrating the partnership between the U.S. and Korea that was formed during this conflict. Just to the left of the sculpture is another sculpture of an eagle placed on a long granite pedestal. The base of the pedestal has the monument's dedication date inscribed on a plaque. These features are bordered by a chain link fence that runs around the circumference of the monument with an opening directly in front of the the monument.

The walkway is convered in inscribed blocks with the names of sponsoring organizations and local veterans. Some are double-sized or doubled blocks.

To find the memorial, go to the corner of North Pershing and West Market Streets. The memorial is on the right side of the street as you travel east on Market Street.

  • World War II Memorial

The York World War II Veterans Memorial is in the center of York, about a block away from the courthouse. This modest memorial is made up of a bronze sculpture of an eagle carrying an American Flag surrounded by shrubbery in the center of a circular planter box. The back side of the monument contains the official seals for each branch of the military that was active during this time. There is also an inscription dedicating the memorial to all WWII veterans.

You can find this monument near the old York County Courthouse on the corner of George and Market Streets.

  • York County Supreme Sacrifice Plaques

The York County Supreme Sacrifice plaques, while not actually monuments, serve as a memorial to veterans of all wars ranging from the First World War to the Global War on Terror. Each name of a York County veteran who died in one of these conflicts is inscribed on these plaques. The plaques are mounted on the outside of the York County Courthouse. The Courthouse is located in downtown York on Market Street, just past the corner of Market and George Streets.


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